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Elizabeth Banks - Modern Family

Her character is just a trainwreck, and for me, it was way better than her performance on “30 Rock”, who got her 2 emmy nominations. 

Kerry Washington  - Saturday Night Live

She was flawless, her funny side is amazing. She’s not a comedy actress per se, so she should get some recognition for her performance on SNL. 

Romy Rosemont - Glee 

Her performance in “The Quarteback” was mesmerizing. I know that I’m nominating comedy performances, but we have seen that side of her, but now she slayed. 

Kristen Bell – Parks and Recreation

First of all, where is that nomination for Michele Obama’s performace on the show? Well, about Kristen she’s a A lister with a lot of buzz around her mainly because of “Frozen” and “Veronica Mars Movie”, and she was so humble to be a guest star on Park. She can do anything, so she’s the perfect guest star to every single show: Glee, Game Of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family…

Tatiana Maslany - Parks and Recreation 

Talking about people who can do anything, she can do 900 clones, for God sake.  I am furious with the academy for not nominating her for Outstading Actress in a Lead Role in a Drama Series. And at least, she deserved a nomination for her 2 episode performance on Parks, but well putting almost the entire cast of Orange Is The New Black on this category was a clever move. 

Natasha Lyonne - Orange Is The New Black 

Talking about Orange Is The New, Natasha should have been nominated. She was like an antagonist in the first season, because she was the right arm of Piper. I don’t get the snub. 


Chris Pratt - Parks and Recreation

Okay, academy and HFPA? What the f*ck is wrong with you guys? All the cast of “Parks And Recreation” is amazing, with very interestingly funny characters and they all get snub (with exception of Poehler, but she only won one Golden Globe, so it’s kinda of the same [because she deserves way more than that]). #shame

Eric Stonestreet - Modern Family

After two emmys he got two snubs. After a wedding? Seriously? But Academy, at least give that Emmy to Jesse Tyler Fergunson already. 

Nick Offerman  - Parks and Recreation

What I said about Pratt, it’s the same case. One of the best characters on television, and after six seasons he doesn’t get any nomination…

Max Greenfield - New Girl

Schmidt is just a great character, and he got his independence this season, and he used to be a strong contender (and I still see him as one).

Taran Killam - Saturday Night Live

The best male cast member of SNL, should have gotten a nomination, #justsaying. 

Jason Biggs - Orange Is The New Black

His character had a better storyline on the second season, so he I get why he didn’t get nominated. But he deserved it, anyway.


Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

She got snub for the first time in 4 years. A shame, I must say. At least Julie was nominated (and Kate McKinnon [yeeah]), and I’m hoping for another Emmy for her. 

Zoe Lister-Jones- Friends With Better Lives

The show was okay, but her character was just amazingly funny, she was truly the soul of the show.  

Chelsea Peretti – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

How can’t anyone recognize her performance, seriously? Her humor is sharp with punch lines dipped in pop culture references. 

Aubrey Plaza – Parks And Recreation

Okay, we already acknowledge that the Academy and HFPA does not appreciate Plaza’s kind of humor. But it’s a shame because her character is just one of the best characters on television right now. So dark, so good.

Eden Sher – The Middle

Once snub, always snub, right Eden? Her performance as Sue Heck is just insanely good. At least she won a Critics Choice Award last year. 

Christa Miller - Cougar Town

Christa is the fire woman of the show, she saves even the worst episode with her dark humor. The last season wasn’t as good as the previous seasons, but Christa’s moments made it worthy to watch. 

Underrated Lead Actor In a Comedy Series

Adam Scott - Parks and Recreation

Adam is a veteran on this “fake award nominations ballot”. Ben’s a dad now, he got fired and he got a GOT’s chair. His humor is still on point.

Rob Lowe - Parks and Recreation

His last season, academy! He would, literally, deserved it.

Andy Samberg - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Biggest snub on this category, he is the soul of the show. He won a Golden Globe. It just gets me mad because the academy could replace him by any of the nominees you aren’t as strong as his performance on the show. 

David Walton  - About a Boy

I’m not surprise he did not get the nomination, because he’s performance wasn’t mesmerizing, it was solid. But the show is a brilliant romcom, that really captures Hornby’s humor, although the show was not written by him.  

Jake Johnson - New Girl

Not his best season, but his reaction to Prince has “gif-worthy” and it will be a pop-culture moment. 

Chris Messina - The Mindy Project

He’s character is now a softy and that’s really funny to watch, because he doesn’t know how to deal with it. 


Amy Schumer - Inside Amy Schumer 

She’s funny, her humor is both clever, blunt and a little dark. She portraits a “version” of herself. And her show is more than just a comedy show it’s more like a variety show who features stand-up comedy performances, “talk-showish” interviews and sketches.  

Kat Dennings - 2 Broke Girls

I know that “2 Broke Girls” is all about the duo, but I think this year Kat stepped up the game with her relationship with Deke. She really deserves a nomination. It’s too bad (in a way) that they are a duo, because I really believe that they could have been strong contenders on this category (for awards ceremonies). 

Lea Michele - Glee 

We heard “Make You Feel My Love” in thousands of talent-shows auditions, in thousands of Youtube covers but not even Adele or Bob Dylan sounded as emotional as Lea on her redemption of the song. Academy already nominated for the first season of Glee, but this year she deserved a nomination for her heartbreaking performance in the “Quarterback” episode.

Patricia Heaton - The Middle 

Patricia always gets nominated on the “Underrated Awards” in this category, but she’s amazingly funny as Mama Heck.  

Zooey Deschanel  - New Girl 

She’s a strong contender she got a Golden Globe nom this year. But I guess the Academy keeps forgetting this quirky lady and her funny acting skills.

Jessica St. Clair - Playing House

I know that “Playing House” is also about the lead duo, but I think Jessica was a scene-stealer in the first season. 


2 Broke Girls      

It’s a great show and it never gets some recognition. Clever humor + dynamic duo = great TV show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine    

One of the biggest snubs on Emmy’s nomination.


“The Quarterback” episode, enough saying.

New Girl   

It wasn’t as great as the other seasons, but it still was enjoyable to watch. And it’s very different from what the other shows offers.

Parks and Recreation 

The biggest snub on Emmy’s nomination. This season wasn’t the best, because till now season 4 was irreproachable, but this year’s season finale though.

Playing House

For me the surprise of this year, great humor, great duo with the right amount of episodes. 

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